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All Time Favorites

All Around Fav

Your hospital will likely have a birth ball available for use while there, but we highly recommend having your own for laboring at home. Sitting on the ball is also a great thing to do in the final weeks of pregnancy.

Hydration Fav

Hydration is critical in labor and this bottle makes it super easy. It's a quirky bottle from the UK, but works! We even love having this bottle available after birth to make hydration during breastfeeding a breeze.

Environment Fav

Lighting can make a huge impact on the feel of your space and creating a peaceful birthing environment can really impact on your labor. This battery operated tea lights are compact, but can transform a hospital bathroom.

Pain Relief Fav

Labor is hard work and muscles are bound to get sore. We love this pack of massage tools because they provide options for pain relief at an afforadable price. Purchase them during pregnancy and find which is your fav.


Snacks for Labor

Burst of Energy Fav

Sometimes the body needs a boost of energy and these are the perfect solution. Honey sticks are a clear fluid option for getting some calories in quick and fueling the body for labor. Great for postpartum too!

Protein Fav

Every family needs a snack bag packed with great options for mom and partner. We love these packets for a quick protein solution to your hunger. No refrigeration needed a ready when you are. 

Partner Fav

When you can't step out of the room and grab a real meal, these beef sticks come in real handy. I love them as a replacement for dinner. They are quick and easy and don't have a smell that will overpower the room.

Great All Around Fav

Smoothies are so satisfying in labor! It's like drinking fruit without having to actually chew. Add a straw to the bottle and you can take a few quick sip of this smoothie in between contractions.


Feel Good Items

Laboring Fav

Did you realize that you don't have to labor and give birth in the gown that the hospital provides? Taking control of this option can help you feel empowered and in control of your birth. These gown are comfy, practical and YOURS.

Music Fav

Music can transform a situation and having your own music in labor can be a help you set the mood of the room. Music can bring calm and can lift your spirits. We recommend having a bluetooth speaker in your bag.

Aromatherapy Fav

The sterile smell of a hospital doesn't exactly bring on a feeling of peace a calm. Lavender or peppermint on the other hand can transform the room. If diffusers are welcome in your hospital, we love this option.

Self Care Fav

Breathing is a foundational pain coping technique in labor and a lot of slow breathing can lead to some majorly chapped lips. We highly recommend a high quality lip balm for frequent use in labor. 



Postpartum Fav

This solution for postpartum bleeding is one that I am trying to share with the world. Adult diapers can make managing postpartum bleeding so much easier than fiddling with pads. This option from is awesome.

Underwear Fav

Yes, mesh underwear is legendary. It is amazingly practical for postpartum healing and the hospital will supply you with a pack for going home. The problem is that you want even more for those days of healing.

Parenting Fav

You might be surprised to see a waterproff mattress pad on this list of favorites, but trust us here. Between breastfeeding, diaper changing and children sleeping in your bed, you will want to protect your mattress from getting wet.

Perineum Fav

Ice on the perineum can really help reduce pain after birth. Frida has created this super easy solution for home that will quickly bring relief. These can be put right inside the adult diaper and are so soothing.


Preparing for Labor

Date Fav

Eating dates in the final 4 weeks of pregnancy can promote going into spontaneous labor. These juicy all natural snacks are sweet and delightful. We love the Joolies dates for the high quality and freshness.

Tea Fav

Red Raspberry Leaf tea has been shown to help strengthen the uterus and many women like drinking it in the days leading up to labor. The Earth Mama brand consistently delivers a high quality product that we can trust.

book for free childbirth class

Workbook Fav

Have the important childbirth and newborn information at your finger tips with this concise and easy to ready class companion book. This workbook serves as a handy cheat sheet to pack in your bag for labor too. 

Pregnancy Book Fav

Expecting Better has become a clear favorite when it comes to books about pregnancy. This isn't a book to scare you with lists of things not to do or eat. The author tackles what you really need to know.

hospital bag

Your Hospital Bag

Pack Your Birth Tools

Once you pick out items to have on hand for your labor and birth, you'll want to pack them in way that they don't get lost in your hospital bag. We recommend packing labor tools separately so that you can grab them quickly and easily. What could be more fun than a tote for this exact purpose.

It's Never Too Late to Get Ready!

There is no time like the present to get prepared for this major life event. Whether you are in your first trimester or your last few weeks, our best online childbirth classes will take you from anxious to relaxed and excited. You'll learn practical skills and techniques to fill your virtual Birth Toolbox before the first contraction comes along.

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We prepare you for one of the most important days of your life with easy to understand, affordable and straight forward birthing class. This is the Lamaze class you've been hoping for.

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