Pregnant? We give you the tools to get through this!

You’ve probably been bombarded with negative stories, confusing information and choices that aren’t clear. You might even be ready to skip over the labor and get to your role of being a parent. Birth Tool Box classes will reduce your fear around childbirth and build your tool box of techniques to deal with labor contractions before they start.  This is a Lamaze class that works no matter where you are in your pregnancy!


No more confusing information! Our classes are simple and easy to understand.

Time Saving

Birth Tool Box classes are designed to squeeze into your busy schedule.


Our classes are packed with value at an excellent price and the feeling of peace that comes with being prepared is priceless.


Solutions for Every Stage

LIVE YouTube Childbirth Class Series

Interactive, entertaining and fun

This is our signature class series. Each night's class will cover one topic on how birth works and will introduce one new tool for your birth tool box. It's the Lamaze class you will love.

On Demand Childbirth Class Series

AFFORDABLE prerecorded Classes

This is the replay of our signature series that was taught LIVE on YouTube. The course is perfect for anyone interested in an affordable self paced option.

SupportingHer - Partner Course

Online Self Paced

Dads and partners have a vital role to play on any successful birth team. This online class teaches tips, techniques and actionable skills to help you take care of your partner and yourself during labor and birth.

Join a LIVE Class for FREE!

Another live childbirth series is on the horizon. We would love to have you join this lively AND informative class. Register now to get all of the news and access to important pre-class information. Don't miss the most affordable and convenient online Lamaze class available.


Why Childbirth Education?

Know Your Options

Many families believe that there is only one way to give birth. After our class you'll feel relieved that you have real options for labor and birth.

Reduce Pain

Pain in childbirth is a given, but when you learn strategies to manage and reduce pain you will also reduce your fear. When fear is reduced, pain is reduced.

Reduce Your Fear

Fear of labor and birth is very common, but with education and preparation you can reduce your fears and gain control over your experience.

Increase Confidence

Our students commonly report an increased confidence at the completion of our course. We proudly prepare them with a virtual tool box full of strategies for labor. 

Lessen Anxiety

Our class demystifies childbirth which can lessen the anxiety around this major life event.

Create a Positive Birth Experience

Research shows that women's birth experience doesn't have to be smooth and problem-free to be positive. Having a feeling of control and respect makes a significant impact on how birth is experience. 


Why Learn With Us?


Teaching You What You Will Actually Use

When you take one of Alice's classes you will know that she is determined to teach you practical skills that you will actually use in labor. It's a top priority!


Save Time, Save Money

We've removed all of the fluff you might find in your traditional childbirth class and get straight to the point. We focus on the critical information you need to know and the tools you will use.


Just a Few Clicks Away

Are classes are delivered either on the YouTube platform or via an on demand course software. No travel required which makes it accesible to hard to reach areas and hard to schedule families.


We Have Fun Together

Preparing for childbirth is FUN in our classes. Prepare to enjoy yourself while you learn and experience the best online Lamaze class available!

Best Online Childbirth Classes

About US

Our Story

Alice Turner, left her job as a database programmer to pursue her passion for helping families during childbirth in 2005 and hasn't looked back. She realized the importance of support and education during this major life event and wanted to be part of preparing families for the big day.  When she fell in love with YouTube she realized that she could combine her experience as a doula and her work as a childbirth educator to help families no matter where they lived. Alice is now on a mission to offer the best online Lamaze Class around.


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What Our Students Say

The education you provided in the LIVE YouTube class series gave us confidence and knowledge that we used during birth. It was SO helpful for both of us!
We had the birth experience we had hoped for.
Thank You so much for what you are doing!

Louis and Christina

LIVE Childbirth Class Students

We can’t express how thankful we are to you for your class. We’re so glad we got to be more active in the community and learn more in this June round of classes. I know for me personally as a support person, I feel like I would’ve been next to useless without your teachings.

Petra and Maxx Forde

LIVE Childbirth Class Students


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Frequently Asked

Is there a cost for the LIVE Birth Tools Classes?

NO! The LIVE Birth Tools Classes are streamed live on YouTube for free. We do offer some great resources for purchase to help you make the most of your class. 

When is the next LIVE Birth Tools Class Series?

The LIVE classes are taught every 3 months. They are offered March 1st - 14th, June 1st - 14th, September 14th-27th and December 1st - 14th.

Do the On Demand Classes have ads like the YouTube replays?

No! The Birth Tools On Demand Classes are ad free. The handouts mentioned in the class are also included in the course.

Can you help me with my unique situation?

Yes! I offer private consulations with the VIP level packages for both the Birth Tools LIVE class and the Birth Tools On Demand class.

Is this a Lamaze Class?

Yes! The instructor, Alice Turner, is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and classes are Lamaze Classes. Don't miss class 6 of the Birth Tool Box classes where Alice teaches about the Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices.

It's Never Too Late to Get Ready!

There is no time like the present to get prepared for this major life event. Whether you are in your first trimester or your last few weeks, our best online childbirth classes will take you from anxious to relaxed and excited. You'll learn practical skills and techniques to fill your virtual Birth Tool Box before the first contraction comes along.

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We prepare you for one of the most important days of your life with easy to understand, affordable and straight forward childbirth education.

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