Class 4 – Early Labor + Sleep and Denial

1 hour and 15 minutes – Live on Youtube


Class 4 Highlights


What do contractions in Early Labor look like?


What to ask your care provider about when to leave for birthing location


How exhaustion can impact labor


Recommended strategy for resting in early labor


The idea of setting an early bedtime when close to your due date


How a bath in early labor can be a great strategy



What Our Students Say

The education you provided in the LIVE YouTube class series gave us confidence and knowledge that we used during birth. It was SO helpful for both of us!
We had the birth experience we had hoped for.
Thank You so much for what you are doing!

Louis and Christina

LIVE Childbirth Class Students

We can’t express how thankful we are to you for your class. We’re so glad we got to be more active in the community and learn more in this June round of classes. I know for me personally as a support person, I feel like I would’ve been next to useless without your teachings.

Petra and Maxx Forde

LIVE Childbirth Class Students


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